Target Corp. under fire for illegal dumping

Target tosses trash illegally

An Alameda County judge issued a preliminary injunction in late September that prohibits Target store employees from routinely dumping hazardous waste into California landfills, according to the state’s Office of the Attorney General.

The Minnesota-based retailer came into the spotlight after an investigation launched in 2005 found that the superstore routinely violated California law by dumping hazardous materials such as pesticides, paint and pool chemicals into landfills along with other discarded merchandise in an effort to cut costs.

Last year, the attorney general, a few city attorneys and 19 district attorneys (including from Yolo and Sacramento counties) filed a civil enforcement lawsuit in Alameda County that cited more than 240 Target stores around the state. The judge’s recent ruling allows prosecutors to seek sanctions against the company. Butte County was not involved in the lawsuit. Target has one store location in Chico.