Take a(rt) walk on the wild side

Chico isn’t just an arts town for Artobertfest

A resident of Chico since 1995, Elizabeth Daniels runs two businesses—Butte Creek Mortgage and Happy Feet Reflexology—and volunteers with several community organizations.

Well, I went out on this month’s Art 1st Saturday art walk. I’d missed the Palio and Artoberfest opening downtown, so this was it.

My partner, Gene, was doing his tired, recluse thing. I hadn’t called anyone; I guess a part of me wasn’t sure if I would go. I made the decision at about 3 and got out of the house by 4.

I am glad I went. I was alone but not lonely—and what a fun time! It didn’t seem busy on the drive down, but as soon as I got to First and Broadway you could tell folks were out.

Even though there seemed to be much going on downtown, the sidewalks weren’t full, restaurants weren’t packed but semi-full, and shops that were open had folks going in. All the places where I ended up had great attendance without being overly crowed. (Ira LaTour’s event at 1078 Gallery probably had the most people at once, around 50.)

I’m not a writer. No one paid me to do this. For the life of me I don’t understand how anyone in Chico can say there is nothing to do or see—or worse, know there is and do nothing about getting involved.

You have the next couple weekends to get out there and see the talented folks we have in the area. As Gene says, “There’s so much to do, you don’t know where to go.” I choose to look at Artoberfest and art walks this way: Just pick one or two things and go—there is no pressure to buy, no pressure to do anything but enjoy yourself.

Then again, you might want to buy some art. View it; enjoy it. Some of the studios have food, and you can soothe any hunger pains by eating a little bit along the way.

Explore other places, too. Even with the gas situation, you can hook up with a few friends, carpool or rent a limo. (Some enterprising folks may be turning electric cars into buses and taxis in the near future.) Take a day off with your lover, kids, friend, partner, coworker; get your family together, or a group of friends, or a church group.

Art isn’t just for October or the first Saturday of the month. Go on a tour. It could just brighten up your world, which then sheds more light on the rest of us.