Take a hint, Hillary

The cover spread on Wednesday’s New York Post said it best. Next to large photo of Hillary Clinton it had a one-word, 8-inch-high headline: “Toast!”

Barack Obama’s resounding, 14-point victory in North Carolina and his razor-thin loss in Indiana, a state Clinton needed to win by a wide margin, show he has the right stuff to deal with adversity. Buffeted by charges of elitism, the Rev. Wright controversy and questions about his electability, he nevertheless drew enough votes to offset those he lost in Pennsylvania and significantly increased his delegate margin.

At this point, the only way Clinton can win is by convincing Democratic Party officials to suspend party rules and allow delegates from Florida and Michigan to be seated. That’s not going to happen.

Clinton has waged a remarkable campaign. She has shown she’s a true fighter. But now’s the time to throw in the towel, before serious injury is done to her, the Clinton legacy and the Democratic Party.