Surfing Through Hyperspace: Understanding Higher Universes in Six Easy Lessons

Yeah, I can almost hear you now. Just why in the heck would anybody want to read a book about theoretical physics? Nothing could possibly be more boring (apart from watching ferns turn to coal), right? Wrong. There are plenty of good reasons for finding out just what those kooky research scientists are theorizing and discovering about our nutty little universe.

Mr. Pickover’s book alternates between chapters of a fictional tale dealing with two anomalous-activity-investigating FBI agents (hmmm, sounds familiar) and extremely readable non-fictional sections dealing with the latest hunches and happenings in multi-dimensional physics research.

Why should you care? You might be surprised to learn that modern science, at least at the theoretical level, is rediscovering what might be called ancient mystical perceptions. The possibility of extra-dimensional beings influencing our flat little four-dimensional world takes on an almost religious significance, and one not lost on the author. Of course, it is just a theory. And, as it turns out with this book, an enlightening and very entertaining one.