Ignoring Binky: The Life and Times of Victor Evertor

Whether you realize it or not, sometime during the early ‘80s the medium known somewhat derogatorily as “funny books” grew up. Via a slew of independent companies that eschewed the stodginess of the antiquated, Cold War-era comics code, any subject and point of view became not only printable but also desirable, the results ranging from the sublime to the moronic.

With this "graphic novel," however, we have something a bit more toward the sublime side. Artist Beverly Red and author Mitch Hall have dissected and displayed the psychological components that make up a high-powered CEO. This comic follows the life of Victor Evertor from his neglected childhood to his ascent to the top of the corporate world. The "Binky" from the title is apparently an imaginary friend from Evertor’s childhood who tries to comfort the child when his parents fail to. Imagination saves Evertor’s life, but only human contact can save his soul. However, Binky’s voice grows weaker with each of Evertor’s conquests. This is simultaneously funny and sobering stuff.