Surfing makes cents

Pro surfer paddles for farm animals

Stand-up paddle surfer John Merryfield rallied for a common cause in an unusual way on Sept. 11, when he embarked on a three-day paddle around Lake Tahoe to raise awareness and funds for suffering animals on factory farms.

Merryfield helped to raise almost $3,000 as a part of the “Stand Up for Farm Animals” fundraiser, which will benefit Farm Sanctuary, a national farm-animal protection organization with a location in Orland.

Merryfield paddled 72 miles around the circumference of the lake along with his step-daughter, Kim Kerrigan, in the three-day period. Despite cold conditions, the two camped on beaches at night and were aided by a kayak filled with supplies.

The event is a reminder that individual talents and hobbies can be used to make a difference, according to the Farm Sanctuary.