Suckin’ up sugar

Fast-food at your fingertips

A study regarding the soda and fast-food consumption habits of California’s teens found that students who live and go to school in areas with fewer grocery stores and more fast-food restaurants are more likely to consume more of the junk, according to media reports.

The study, which was conducted by the UCLA Center for Health Policy Research, found that more than 2 million teens drink at least one sugary drink per day, and almost half eat fast food at least twice a week. The study also found that the average California teen has eight times as many fast-food and other unhealthful-food establishments near home and school than grocers or produce vendors.

The study’s authors recommend increasing farm-to-school fresh-produce programs, offering grocers incentives to set up shop in underserved areas, and paying closer attention to school locations when zoning food outlets. For a full copy of the study, visit