Get that vaccination!

Brown extends pertussis vaccination deadline

The deadline for students to get vaccinated for whooping cough has been extended by Gov. Jerry Brown, according to media reports.

Vaccinations for whooping cough—or pertussis—became mandatory in California after Brown signed AB 354, a law requiring students entering grades seven through 12 to be vaccinated for the 2011-12 school year. When Brown extended the deadline for getting the “Tdap” shot in late July, more than a million students had yet to be vaccinated, according to the San Francisco Chronicle. Brown gave students a 30-day grace period from the first day of school, after which they will be barred from school if they are not vaccinated.

The requirement came after more than 9,000 cases of the illness were reported in California last year, 10 of which caused infant deaths.

Butte County Public Health is offering Tdap booster shots in Chico and Oroville during August. See Appointments on this page for dates and details.