Strike off

Wage demands met, CSU faculty won’t walk out of class

A statewide faculty strike was averted on Friday (April 8) when the California Faculty Association, which represents 26,000 employees, reached a contract agreement with California State University. The strike was set for April 13-15 and 18-19 on all 23 campuses, including Chico State.

The tentative agreement, which still needs approval from both the CFA board of directors and CSU board of trustees, meets the CFA’s demand for higher wages. It spreads a 10.5 percent increase in salary over the next three years, according to a press release. A 5 percent increase will kick in on June 30.

In the release, CFA President Jennifer Eagan said the agreement was fair, adding that faculty “are delighted that we will be teaching and mentoring our students next week.”