Hit on homeless is final

City City Council approves last step in law that allows cops to confiscate personal property

The Chico City Council gave final approval Tuesday (April 5) to an ordinance that allows police to confiscate personal property left untended in a public space, and also outlaws public defecation and urination, but not before hearing from two people who questioned its morality and legality.

Benson, a homelessness activist, said it was wrong to confiscate the belongings of people who have nowhere to store things. Their packs may contain important papers or medicines they need to stay alive.

Lindsay Wood, the watershed coordinator for the Butte Environmental Council, said she sees (and smells) poop while working on creek cleanups. But it’s wrong to make defecation illegal when the city provides no place at night for homeless people to relieve themselves.

The ordinance passed 4-3, with Councilmembers Ann Schwab, Tami Ritter and Randall Stone dissenting.