Stop the presses

John Loewe of the Oroville Community Mirror passes on

John Loewe, longtime editor of the Oroville Community Mirror, passed away Oct. 10 in Oroville.

Loewe started the small newspaper dedicated to—as its banner reads—“All Oroville News All of the Time,” in August 1996.

Loewe (pictured) was a hands-on newspaperman who wrote stories, edited, sold ads, took pictures, helped run the presses and had a weekly delivery route for the Mirror. “There’s nothing I don’t do, including sweep the floor,” he told the CN&R in 2011.

A memorial was held for Loewe last week (Oct. 28) at the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints on Table Mountain Boulevard. He was buried Monday (Oct. 30) in Patterson. Messages left at the newspaper to inquire about its future were not returned as of press time.