Stellar role models

A-listers who’ve gone green

OK, so celebrities aren’t the first people who come to mind when we think of environmental responsibility. They jet around the world, consume conspicuously and tend to come across as self-absorbed. There are exceptions, of course; yet the ones who really walk the walk (like Ed Begley Jr. and Daryl Hannah) often aren’t A-listers who capture our imagination (sorry, Ed and Daryl …). Here are some stars with eco-consciences that may not have risen to your consciousness.

Orlando Bloom: gives his time to environmental charities such as Global Cool and Global Green.

Hilary Duff: along with wearing vintage clothes (i.e. second-hand), donates to USA Harvest and volunteers in homeless shelters.

Will Ferrell: champions the Natural Resources Defense Council while living in an eco-minded home.

Ed Norton: ensured that The Incredible Hulk production employed sustainable practices, making the film the first to carry a green certification.

Natalie Portman: supports myriad global causes and is so serious about animal rights that she has a line of vegan shoes.

Shakira: Goodwill Ambassador who started Pies Descalzos—Barefoot Foundation—and handed out 10,000 pairs of shoes in her home country Colombia.

Alicia Silverstone: green home, green diet.

Joss Stone: lends her voice to PETA and fighting world hunger.