Stabbed 54 times

Local homeless woman brutally killed, suspects await extradition

Grisly details recently emerged in the death of Angela Marie Murray, a 40-year-old homeless woman whose decomposing body was found on Dunstone Drive near Oroville on Nov. 14.

When detectives arrived, they found Murray, who was nude and covered in 54 stab wounds, including to her head, neck, chest, back, breasts and vagina. “It was a vicious stabbing,” said Butte County District Attorney Mike Ramsey. An autopsy determined that Murray’s fatal wound was to her heart.

Murray may have been killed over a debt for methamphetamine, Ramsey confirmed. Two suspects in the killing—local homeless people William Henry Smith Jr., 46, and Julie Lynn Moss, 54—were arrested in Wisconsin Rapids, Wis., on Dec. 20. Both are currently being held without bail as they await extradition to Butte County.