Squirrel soufflé?

American gray squirrels go from trees to the table in Great Britain

Photo by allan potts

Hungry? How about a nice, juicy squirrel burger?

Folks across the pond are developing a taste for the creatures, which are being sold to markets in England, Wales and Scotland. Squirrel is even popping up on the menus of Great Britain’s fine-dining restaurants, reported The New York Times.

This newfound fascination with squirrel meat was sparked a few years ago by the Save Our Squirrels campaign. The goal is to get people to eat North American gray squirrels—a non-native species whose populations are squeezing out the beloved red squirrel (pictured).

It’s pretty much open season on the animals, which are being culled by the Forestry Commission, as well as gamekeepers, trappers and hunters. Bon appetit!