Special Issue: Love, Sex, Marriage

Four very different stories revolving around love connections

Ah, love. Valentine’s Day is near, so amour is in the air right about now, whether you’re single and looking or very married. This year, in our annual Love, Sex, Marriage issue, we’re focusing on different types of love connections.

In this special package of stories, you’ll meet two local married couples who found love connections, of all places, while working at Target stores. It just goes to show that you never know when and where the love bug will bite. You’ll learn about the importance of love connections in the literal sense, the so-called “skinship” that’s essential to our well-being.

We will also introduce you to a local college student who connected with Chico State readers by sharing many of the most personal, intimate details of her sex life in a weekly column in the campus newspaper. And, last, you will read about how seniors are increasingly heading to online dating sites to find love connections.

No matter where things stand in your love life, we hope you enjoy this season.