Space Gun

With so many bands coming and going, it’s a comfort when the classic ones stick around and thrive. Guided by Voices is a prime example; with the exception of a few dormant years, frontman Robert Pollard’s been leading the band since 1983, putting out dozens of records (counting his solo work, Pollard has penned more than 2,000 songs). The newest album, Space Gun, is on point and on par with some of their best work. Things start strong with the opening title track, the rhythm section kicking in to join twin guitars and Pollard’s vocals for anthemic verses. Songs like “Daily Get-Ups” and “Sport Component National” blend driving post-punk and buoyant rock and feel plucked from the mid-’90s underground. Pollard’s voice remains prominent and strong, carrying odd melodies like the one gluing the low-key tune, “I Love Kangaroos.” There are no surprises in these 15 tracks, only a confirmation of GBV’s staying power.