Lo Moon

If you tend to keep your finger on the pulse, there’s an excellent chance you’ve felt a beat or two from Lo Moon. In the last few years the Los Angeles-based trio has built a reputation for its flawless, dynamic live shows, and it’s safe to say its self-titled debut album lives up to that standard. “Real Love” is the kind of synth-driven mellow pop that feels effortless, lifting off as it hits the chorus. Most of these tunes tend to fall into the same pattern of airy grooves built from tasteful, spacious synth rhythms, supporting singer Matt Lowell’s porcelain vocals as they move through sultry verses into roomy choruses. As a result, the songs blend together, but that also helps the listener sink into the album a little easier. Occasional moments do stand out, such as the doubled vocals on the choruses in “Wonderful Life.” Smooth and sturdy low-key pop.