SoCal short on water

Los Angeles mayor warns residents to start rationing

Residents of the city of angels who want to conserve their bank accounts should learn to conserve water. Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa is calling for a new water-rate system and heightened restrictions, and those who don’t comply could be in for a jolt to their pocketbooks.

The LA Times reported that the mayor told citizens the city is facing its largest water shortage since the ’70s, and that a concerted rationing effort is necessary to face the issue. Under his proposed provisions, those who go over their allotment potentially face steep rates. In addition, sprinklers would be allowed on a maximum of two days—perhaps just one—a week, if the state doesn’t get enough rain over the winter.

Villaraigosa’s plan stems from warnings by the Metropolitan Water District that it could be delivering up to 25 percent less water this year.

While the drought is pushing California’s water resources to the limits, conservationists also note that the state’s unsustainable population growth (about 9 million since 1990) is partly responsible for the burden.