Slow Down Theo

Initial Public Offering

Chico’s Slow Down Theo recalls the collision of post punk and new wave from the mid-’80s and reveals itself as a band in the truest sense, with all members contributing importantly to its signature sound. On this debut E.P., one can hear all the familiar touchstones: The Cure, Gang of Four, Wire and The Birthday Party. The disc’s opener, “El New,” features bassist Garrett Edwards captaining this unpredictable quartet with his hyper lines carrying the melody across drummer Jason Edwards’ timekeeping, while guitarist Rob Reeves twists and tears six strings with the subtlety of a Bengal Tiger shredding sofas. Jon Simcox, Slow Down Theo’s unique front man, draws you in with his hypnotic, disaffected vocal delivery—kind of a bastardization of Nick Cave’s theatrical affectation crossed with Strokes-man Julian Casablanca’s sleepy croon—and gives the five songs on Initial Public Offering a color and character that few bands achieve so early on. With Slow Down Theo, plus local sound impressionists Sleepyhead and the dark instrumental mood swings of Birds of Fire, Chico is in the midst of a rather inspirational rock renaissance.