Having a big party?

McRib is Back!

McRib is Back!

Remember how, at the end of Fast Times at Ridgemont High, during the credits, they put little whatever-happened-to blurbs on the screen, and across the screen image of Jeff Spicoli waxing his surfboard it said, “Saved Brooke Shields from drowning. … Blows reward money hiring Van Halen to play his birthday party.” Every guy we knew took this fantasy to heart and wondered what it would take to actually get Diamond Dave to play his house. Thanks to the all-powerful Clear Channel corporation’s college entertainment division (, you no longer have to wonder, dude.

Artist Availability Suggested Price

Chris Rock Fall (TBA) $150k

Dave Matthews No current plans $100k

Foo Fighters Possible Fall $60k-$75k

Good Charlotte Sept.-Nov. $50k

The White Stripes Generally Avail. $40k-$50k

Jurassic 5 Generally Avail. $30k

Flaming Lips Call for Avail. $20k-$25k

The Donnas Fall $15k-$20k

Jack Osbourne Generally Avail. $15k (personal appearance)

Blackalicious Call for Avail. $10k

Sugar Hill Gang Fall $5k