Rated 1.0

In this Thai-horror remake, a newlywed couple (Joshua Jackson and Rachael Taylor) leave their NYC digs for Tokyo. The husband used to work as a photographer there, and he’s returning to his old firm and old friends. On a dark and rainy night, driving in a foreign country, they lose control of their car and hit a girl. But upon examining the scene, she is nowhere to be found. Except she keeps popping up in their darn photographs. Unfortunately for us, we’ve already been subjected to The Ring and The Grudge, so we’re familiar with this idea of vengeful spirits appearing as creepy Japanese girls with frozen stares. People start dying and a mystery unravels. But none of it is very scary and it’s certainly nothing we haven’t seen before. Even the killing scenes are a bit boring, with nary a scream to be heard. Enough with the horror remakes.