Shadow’s killer convicted

Man claims husband offered $10,000 to kill soldier from Yuba City

One of two men accused of killing Army 101st Airborne Pfc. Shadow McClaine (pictured)—a Yuba City woman murdered last year near Fort Campbell, Ky., where she served in the U.S. Army—pleaded guilty last week to killing McClaine for $10,000 allegedly offered by her ex-husband, Sgt. Jamal Williams-McCray.

According to newspaper the Leaf Chronicle, Spc. Charles Robinson III pleaded guilty to murder, conspiracy and obstruction charges during a Sept. 28 court-martial trial. He said Williams-McCray lured the woman to a rural exit in Robertson County, Tenn., where Robinson cut her throat, stabbed her, broke her neck and helped cover up the crime.

Robinson was sentenced to 25 years and avoided life without parole by cooperating with prosecutors. Williams-McCray’s court-martial is yet to be scheduled.

McClaine’s family claims she reported being threatened, and that the Army could have prevented her death (see “Shadow’s war,” cover story, May 4).