Set up for success

CN&R’s annual back-to-school issue highlights programs that aid student achievement

There’s a saying that college will be the best years of your life. That’s because it’s exciting. It’s a time of learning, and not just the stuff in books. It’s also a time of self-discovery and personal growth. College is the place you’ll meet a lot of people with similar interests and make lifelong friends.

Thing is, higher education also presents challenges and, for many students, those obstacles can make it difficult to reach their goals.

That’s why, in this year’s back-to-school issue, we’re focusing on a handful of the many resources students can seek out to help them make their way. We’ll introduce you to a number of programs and opportunities for various populations of students: former foster youth, those from low-income and culturally diverse backgrounds, members of the LGBT student body, and also nontraditional students such as parents and re-entry students.

The commonality here is that each is focused on support and student success.

And with that, the CN&R welcomes new and returning students. Here’s to a healthy and successful academic year!