Season of savings

With gas prices soaring, here are some fun summer options that won’t have you fretting over MPG

Chico certainly gets hot in the summer, but not as hot as car owners have gotten recently about the cost of gasoline.

$3.30 per gallon for unleaded? $3.95 for boat fuel? Prices may have jumped even higher just in the few minutes you’ve been reading.

You can grin and bear it, of course, and head to cooler climes at whatever the cost. But perhaps this is the summer to stick close to home.

Hop on a bike for a morning or evening ride.

Visit a nearby river for motorless floating.

Enjoy a summer movie at an air-conditioned multiplex.

Take in one of the many sporting events and music festivals this area has to offer.

Chicoans don’t have to go far for summer fun. Thank goodness.

Pedaling away the day
Take these directional suggestions for spending the summer on your bike—even if you’re no Lance Armstrong

Chico’s pros
A little basketball and soccer, plus a lot of baseball, attract local sports fans

Home game schedules
Chico Outlaws: Baseball, Chico Force: Basketball, Chico Rooks: Soccer

Water you waiting for?
Rapidly check out the nearby hot spots for whitewater activities

Summer sounds
Get a lot of music without extraneous driving at Northstate music festivals

Blockbustin’ in the U.S.A.
Summer movies may keep us from going crazy from the heat