Role Models

Rated 3.0

After getting sentenced to 150 hours of community service, Danny (Paul Rudd) and Wheeler (Seann William Scott) are forced to take part in a big-brothers program, headed by ex-cokehead Gayle Sweeney (Jane Lynch). Danny is paired with the hopelessly nerdy and weird Augie (Christopher Mintz-Plasse of Superbad fame), and Wheeler with the foulmouthed Ronnie (Bobb’e Thompson). Through spending time with their respective “littles,” Danny and Wheeler are forced to look at their lives in terms of other people. Wheeler, a manwhore if there ever was one, has a particularly hard time giving up the ladies in favor of responsibility (though he has time to talk about what he loves with Ronnie), while Danny must get over his own self-pity in order to see Augie for more than just a medieval-loving geek. It may not be the most raucous comedy of the year, but it’s certainly enjoyable, keeping a fast pace and even tone throughout. Feather River Cinemas, Paradise Cinema 7 and Tinseltown. Rated R