Report exposes at-risk ecosystems

California’s imperiled places

California, a place that’s often touted for its healthy ecosystems, is actually home to three of the 10 places threatened most by rising temperatures, according to a recent study by the Endangered Species Coalition.

Amidst the expected ecosystems—including Arctic Sea ice, shallow coral reefs and the Everglades—California’s Mojave Desert, Sierra Nevada range and San Francisco Bay-Delta region made the list. The pupfish and the desert tortoise (pictured) are feeling the effects of less rain in the Mojave, while earlier snow melt is hurting the Sierra Nevada’s amphibians. Reduced water availability in the Delta is hurting trout, salmon and smelt populations, according to the report.

The Hawaiian Islands, Snake River Basin, wetlands of the Gulf Coast and Greater-Yellowstone region also made the list.

The report also noted seven ecosystems that didn’t make the top 10, including the nation’s entire West Coast.