Reed picks up endorsements

The Democrat even gets props from a former Republican rival

Democratic congressional candidate Jim Reed has picked up endorsements from two former opponents, Republican Gregory Cheadle (pictured) and Gary Oxley, an independent.

Reed is running against Republican state Sen. Doug LaMalfa for the 1st Congressional District seat to replace longtime incumbent Wally Herger (R-Chico). LaMalfa and Reed were the top two finishers in the primary election earlier this month, which fielded eight candidates, including five Republicans.

In a press release from the Reed for Congress campaign, Cheadle is quoted as saying, “In Jim Reed I see a highly educated man with integrity, who can be a leader in D.C., not just another ‘go along to get along’ special interest entrenched Congressman.”

In a direct slap at LaMalfa, whose family grows rice in Richvale, Cheadle continued: “I will not endorse a candidate who makes hundreds of thousands of dollars a year in subsidies and selling water allotments at the expense of hard-working Americans.”