Red eyes magnified

Eye drops can make your eyes redder if you use them too much

Look, stoners: We get it. Toking up can make your eyes red, so you may be inclined to use redness-relief eye drops so no one notices. But did you know that eye drops such as Visine and Clear Eyes can have the opposite effect if they’re overused? According to, using them too much can increase redness of the eye. Also, one shouldn’t use redness-relief drops for more than three days without consulting a doctor. Here are some more health tips to remember—or perhaps write down—when it comes to hiding your high:

• Wash your hands before using eye drops.

• Do not touch your eye, or any mucous membrane, with the tip of the applicator. This can contaminate the solution.

• Don’t use them if the solution changes color or turns cloudy.

• Remember that eye drops can temporarily blur your vision.