Put safety, potholes first

Chicoans think the city is doing a good job, according to a random survey of 400 residents recently taken by … well, the city. Or, rather, a polling company working for the city, Fairbank, Maslin, Maullin & Associates. Overall, 93 percent of respondents thought that Chico was an excellent or good place to live, and those who’d interacted with city government were generally satisfied with the service they received.

They are worried about city finances, however, and want priority to be placed on public safety and street maintenance. Cut funding for arts programs, graffiti removal and landscaping costs, they say, perhaps not realizing such funding constitutes a miniscule percentage of city expenses. The survey did not assess whether they understood where city funds were going (mostly to pay salaries).

They do want to keep libraries open, however.

Full results are available on the city’s Web site, www.ci.chico.ca.us. Click on “City of Chico’s Financial Problems.”