He wants to whip Wally too

Now there are four—count ’em, four—Democrats lined up to run against 11-term Rep. Wally Herger. The latest to jump in is John Jacobson (pictured), who declared his candidacy to about 85 people in Mount Shasta City on Sunday (March 2), asking them to say “Yes to change” in Northern California.

“I have always believed in service,” he said. “It is a responsibility my siblings and I were taught by our parents and grandparents.”

Jacobson travels often in his work as volunteer director of the national choral organization America Sings! He is a five-year resident of Weed.

“The concerns of farmers, businessmen, health professionals, environmentalists, forest workers and every other interest group must always be measured against their impact on our future, our children,” Jacobson said Sunday.

Mike Johnson of Chico, Jeff Morris of Weaverville and 2006 primary winner AJ Sekhon of Yuba City are the other Democrats vying to take on Herger.