Pump track delayed

Mountain bike course at Wildwood Park set to open this fall

The pump track for mountain bikers set for construction in the northernmost corner of Wildwood Park will be completed in the fall, rather than this spring as originally intended.

A pump track is a looping dirt course of banked turns and rollers that allows riders to carry their momentum without pedaling. Local professional mountain bike racer Kyle Warner’s proposal for the 240-by-180-foot track was approved by the Chico Area Recreation and Park District last fall, but the project hit a snag after former CARD General Manager Jerry Haynes resigned from his position in February. However, it’s still moving forward—the cost of design was covered by A Main Hobbies, while dirt was provided by R&R Horn General Contractors.

A date isn’t set for the grand opening because “we want the track to be perfect,” Warner said. “We are going to take the time to do things right.”