Measure A stands strong

Judge throws out lawsuit seeking to block marijuana cultivation ordinance

The folks fighting Measure A were back in court Wednesday (May 13), where Judge Stephen Benson threw out their lawsuit seeking to block the medical marijuana cultivation ordinance.

Measure A, approved by voters last November, limits the size of medical marijuana gardens by square footage—not number of plants—based on lot size. It also allows for anonymous complaints to county Code Enforcement for noncompliance. Opponents believe it is too stringent and filed suit to block it in February.

County Counsel Bruce Alpert said the opponents’ only recourse is to file an appeal in the 3rd District Court of Appeals in Sacramento. That court, he said, has ruled in other cases that have led to greater restrictions on marijuana cultivation in Tehama County and a total ban in Live Oak.

“That’s why Judge Benson made the ruling that he did,” Alpert said.