Prom Night

Rated 2.0

About the only thing more useless than an electric banana peeler is the PG-13 horror film, and as an example of such, Prom Night is pretty useless even with lowered expectations. A remake in title and setting only of the weak-in-its-own-right ’80s slasher, this tepid entry only slightly adds a story to the title: a bunch of pretty high schoolers are stalked by a psycho ex-teacher who has escaped from the loony bin after pulling the same stunt a few years before. For some reason he’s obsessed with our Final Girl. Trouble is, the film never really gives us a reason to understand why. The vaporous twit is pretty annoying. But Prom Night is a good example of what happens when a film is aimed at a demographic that is more concerned with text messaging each other than watching the movie. The filmmakers don’t even bother with an internal logic anymore. No one’ll be paying attention, so just crank the thing out and get on with the next project.