Police team targets drugs

New CPD team makes drug bust at apartment complex

A new patrol unit of the Chico Police Department designed to issue chronic neighborhood problems has been busy since first hitting the streets last month.

On Wednesday (Feb. 3) the federally funded TARGET team honed in on a Parmac Road apartment complex with an unusually high number of calls for service. There, officers served a search warrant and arrested three people on a variety of drug charges, including possession of concentrated cannabis. The next day a parole sweep at the same complex ended in the arrest of a man with a parole violation.

In other news, CPD made a methamphetamine bust at an East Avenue Apartment on Tuesday (Feb. 9). According to police, Phillip Harvey was arrested for possession of a hypodermic needle and drug paraphernalia. Mark Jacobsen was arrested for not only possession of meth, but also meth for sale and for child endangerment, because his 4-month-old daughter was asleep in an adjacent room.