BEC director roles filled

Robin Huffman will take over as advocacy director

When Barbara Vlamis lost her position as executive director at the Butte Environmental Council last year, many wondered who would fill her role—or roles, as the board split the position into two. One was officially filled six months ago when Nikki Schlaishunt took over as administrative director. As of Jan. 28, the second has been filled as well. Robin Huffman (pictured), a former Paradise town councilwoman who served on the BEC board starting in March 2009 and was hired as advocacy coordinator in October, will fill the position of advocacy director.

“I guess they thought I was doing a good job,” Huffman said. “That confidence is really encouraging to me.”

Huffman said her background in teaching cultural anthropology, as well as her time spent on the Paradise Town Council, all will help her in her new role, which is part time.

“With this team of me and Nikki and working closely with the board, I think we’re going to really be able to move BEC forward,” she said.