Pineapple Express

Rated 4.0

Seth Rogen stars as a slovenly process server who likes to take a few tokes before donning disguises for those who must be served. While out on the job one night, ready to serve Ted Jones (Gary Cole), Dale witnesses Ted and a police woman (Rosie Perez) murdering a man at Ted’s house. Dale flees, but seeing as he’s in the middle of smoking the new Pinapple Express weed his dealer, Saul (a delightfully out-of-character James Franco) just sold him, he doesn’t exactly leave quietly. Dale enlists Saul’s help, and the two hit the road when they realize Ted, also one of the biggest drug dealers in town, might be able to track them down by the smoking roach Dale left outside his house. Hilarity—and violence—ensue, as the new stoner buddies try to evade capture. Franco and Rogen make a great comic pair. While Rogen sort of plays his same-old spacey self, Franco breaks out of his clean-cut mold to play a very convincing pot dealer, showing off a big, dumb grin to match his long hair and Guatemala pants. The movie is nothing if not surprising. As soon as your eyes start to glaze over in an “I love you, man” moment, somebody is getting their ear shot off, and the adrenaline starts pumping.