Pet friendly

Gayle Fritz

Photo By meredith j. cooper

Fall is always a wonderful time to take your dog for a nice, long walk. For those who choose to bring their pets downtown, they need look no further for a shopping spree that will spoil their little critters. There’s a new pet shop downtown, and it’s calling your pup’s name. All Dogs and Cats, relocated just six weeks ago from its spot on East Avenue, has taken up residence at 228 Main St. It’s the shop with the big stuffed dog out front—so you will be sure not to miss it—and inside it’s just as inviting. Cute collars, water bowls, toys and treats line the walls of what owner Gayle Fritz, who lives in Durham with her two dozen pets, considers an owner- and pet-friendly shop. Her best sellers so far have been collars and toys, and with the weather cooling down, she’s seen more and more of man’s best friends stopping by for a treat. Fritz says her store carries wholesome snacks for pets, perfect for any gourmet cat or dog owner.

Have you always been an animal lover?

Pretty much. I’ve been an animal lover for a long time. I had been a veterinary technician for 15 years and when I left that field I went to animals [and opened a pet shop].

Tell me about your pets.

I have two long-haired Chihuahuas, 18 alpacas, two horses and a goat and a cat.

How do you like downtown?

I’m really liking it. I think the market has changed. I was down here from ’96 to 2000 and I think it’s a lot more shopper friendly [now]. There are a lot of people downtown walking their dogs, especially now that the weather’s a little more nice for that. This last weekend we had a lot of dogs in.

Tell me about your partnership with the Butte Humane Society.

This weekend we’re going to have the Butte Humane Society doing adoptions in the store. We’re going to do that the second Saturday of every month. I believe it’s going to be cats and dogs, but it will depend on what they actually have. It will be 11-2 on Saturday.