Perrys continue to fight for their child

Dorothy Perry and her parents aren’t giving up

Dorothy Perry wants her baby back. She gave birth nearly two years ago, but spent less than two weeks at home with her son, who was born with a cleft palate and had trouble nursing. She and her parents, Al and Rita Perry, sought medical help for the baby and, while they were waiting at Enloe Children’s Health Center, the baby was taken by Butte County Children’s Services.

Their fight, which started the day Dorothy’s son was taken, is not over. On Monday (Feb. 28), Dorothy (pictured), Al and a family friend stood outside of Enloe’s Children’s Health Center on Cohasset Road with signs condemning what they call discrimination because Dorothy is disabled.

“Nobody is taking her seriously,” Al said Monday. He and Dorothy said they’ve made plans to hire new lawyers and file separately—as mother, and as grandparents—for custody of the child, who is in foster care. (Search “Dorothy Perry” on for several stories on the family’s fight.)