<Uc"Blue":www.peachesrocks.comThe dirtiest of the dirty, Peaches shattered gender norms with her first two albums, <i>Teaches of Peaches and Fatherfucker. The latest, Impeach My Bush, is her sexiest, sluttiest and, by no coincidence, her best. Judging by the title, it would seem she’s getting more political, but fear not, sex is the main theme, and it’s in your face. In “Fuck or Kill,” she quickly zings the Bush regime—“I’d rather fuck who I want than kill who I am told to”—before returning to the sexual innuendo she’s known for. The songs, made up of electronic beats with an ’80s influence, form her unique electro-punk style—super danceable and club-ready. Middle America might not be ready for “Tent In Your Pants,” but it wouldn’t be out of place in a club somewhere more enlightened (say San Francisco or Europe). Peaches has been called the ultimate feminist; she says what she wants, challenges gender roles and doesn’t so much cross boundaries as destroy them. Impeach My Bush doesn’t disappoint those of us who love her for her explicit sexuality.