Park squabble settles down

Chico City Council agrees to give code of conduct a review

A brouhaha over the alleged inappropriate conduct of a member of Chico’s Bidwell Park and Playground Commission came to an anticlimactic end during the Chico City Council’s regular meeting on Tuesday (Feb. 16).

At issue was an e-mail that Commissioner Jane Turney sent to Klean Kanteen, lambasting the local company’s sponsorship of the Outside Recreation Advocacy group’s efforts to fund the construction of the disc-golf course on Highway 32 and a shorter course elsewhere.

On a request of Councilman Tom Nickell, who asked “that our [code of conduct] policy be reviewed and have more teeth,” city leaders referred the matter to the council’s Policy Procedure Committee.

In related news, council members appointed journalist and consultant Jim Mikles to fill a recently vacated seat on the BPPC. And, in other disc-golf news, the council voted 5-2 to authorize city staff to apply for $816,000 in grant funding for the construction of the trailhead at the course.