Paradise says no to group grows

Town Council moves to ban collective medical-cannabis cultivation

The Paradise Town Council unanimously approved an ordinance banning collective medical-marijuana gardens within town limits Tuesday night (Sept. 6).

The ordinance, introduced by Community Development Director Craig Baker, allows growing only by qualified patients or their caregivers at the patient’s residence—so, no collective growing—and limits gardens to 50 square feet in size. If within 600 feet of a school, plants can be grown only indoors, Baker explained by phone.

The original ordinance as brought before the Planning Commission in July included provisions for collective grows and dispensaries, he said, but after Chico Mayor Ann Schwab received a letter from the U.S. attorney warning of prosecution if the city allowed dispensaries, Paradise approached the U.S. Attorney’s Office for guidance on its ordinance, Baker said. Based on that conversation, provisions allowing collective gardens and dispensaries were deleted.

The ordinance will go back to the council next month for adoption.