Crystal Geyser bottling plant delayed

Plans for Orland bottling plant put on hold for environmental review

Construction of the proposed Crystal Geyser bottling plant in Orland has been delayed for further environmental review.

Last Thursday (Aug. 25), Sacramento Superior Court Judge Michael Kenny sided with the group Save Our Water Resources (SOWR) and other Glenn County residents, who argue that the proposed facility would affect traffic, noise, groundwater and pollution levels. Kenny ruled the city must rescind approval of the plans and conduct a study to determine whether a full environmental review under the California Environmental Quality Act is necessary.

The city had argued there was no evidence of significant environmental impacts, as the building zone was deemed heavily industrial. The 112,500-square-foot plant would draw more than 52 million gallons of water from the aquifer on which Orland and its farmers rely.

“Let’s allow ourselves about one minute to savor the court’s decision today, but not much more than that,” said SOWR President Greg Wickert in a recent email to fellow opponents.