Paradise moves on trees

Mayor Alan White thinks Paradise needs a tree committee. So does Councilwoman Robin Huffman. And once Councilman Scott Lotter reimagined its role, the Town Council made it one of the impromptu revisions to a new tree ordinance that passed 5-0 at Tuesday’s meeting (April 22).

As reported previously in the CN&R, town staff proposed folding the Tree Felling Committee and transferring its authority to the Planning Commission. Two commissioners expressed support for the change; three opposed it, including April Grossberger, also a tree committee member.

Grossberger and others spoke against adopting the ordinance. But after Lotter sold Councilmembers Frankie Rutledge and Woody Culleton on a Tree Advisory Committee to provide input as needed, Grossberger was “very excited” that the council “made a great decision we can work with.”