Overflow crowds at Dems’ caucuses

In keeping with the historic nature of the Democratic presidential primary, local Democrats turned out in droves to caucuses Sunday (April 13). Some 450 showed up at the Barack Obama caucus at the Park Tower Pavilion and another 200 at the Hillary Clinton caucus at the Chico City Council building.

Worried that the record number of hopefuls, more than 2,500 in California, might include a few tricksters, Clinton and Obama late last Wednesday had blocked certain people from competing in the caucuses—in Obama’s case, more than 800 of them. But the cuts included many Obama activists, and when they became angry, the Obama campaign quickly reinstated them.

The Clinton backers selected county Supervisor Jane Dolan and former Mayor Mike McGinnis as delegates, with Mary Stegall as an alternate. The Obama supporters went for activists, choosing campaign volunteers Kimberly Durso and Ryan McElhinney (pictured).