Rated 2.0

Left by her lonesome at the office on Christmas Eve, Angela wraps things up and heads down to the eponymous level of the parking garage. Running late to join the familial feast, she finds to her dismay that her car won’t start. Fortunately there’s a friendly night watchman to lend her a hand. Scratch that … he’s friendly in the wrong kind of way and he’s been spending too many nights watching her on the security monitors. Needless to say, he doesn’t stay too friendly when he finally gets some face time and promptly gets shot down. Uh, oh. Waking up bound and realizing that Christmas Evil is afoot, Angela has to free herself to wade through the torture porn-lite clichés to juggle the attendant tropes of same, all the while trying to keep her cleavage from spilling from her cocktail dress. Not knocking that part, but it’s the only thing of interest on display here. P2 is one of those by-the-numbers thrillers that takes its fairly promising premise and hands it to a fairly uncreative writer. While a couple of decent jolts are delivered, the rest of the mercifully short running time still overstays its welcome.