Bee Movie

Rated 3.0

Writer/voice Jerry Seinfeld dilutes his comedy-about-nothing in order to spoon-feed it to younger audiences. In essence, animated pabulum (al-bee-it with an emphasis on excruciating insect-related puns). Buzzing about a Central Park hive, worker bee Barry B. Bensen (Seinfeld) isn’t all that enraptured with the concept of spending his entire short life fulfilling a solitary obligation, and in a mad dash sets out to explore the wilds of New York City. Breaking the cultural taboo that bees are absolutely not allowed to talk to humans, he makes friends with one (Renée Zellweger) and finds to his horror that the labors of his culture are cultivated and sold for mass consumption. What’s a bee to do? Why, fulfill his special purpose: do like the humans do and file a lawsuit. If you’re a fan of the Seinfeld style of humor, then there’s plenty of same on display here to keep you moderately entertained as you chaperone the young’ns. As expected, the Dreamworks approach to animation is competent, but isn’t all that dazzling.