Overdue library books will cost ya

A new system will send accounts to collections

Have you checked out a book or three and forgotten them under your bed? Well, get ’em out and turn ’em in now—because starting next week they could cost you more.

The Butte County Library is trying out a new system, using a company called Unique Management that specializes in collecting overdue library books. Anyone who owes $25 or more for more than 45 days will be contacted by Unique starting in March. They’ll be required to return the items or pay the fines—plus a $19 handling fee that goes to Unique. If they fail to return or pay in a timely manner, their accounts will be sent to collections.

This applies to approximately 7,000 Butte County residents, said Deborah Holmes, senior administrative assistant for the library. The person who owes the most owes $1,095.45.