Our business (tab) plan

Welcome to the local business monthly from the Chico News & Review! This is the inaugural issue, so if you’re surprised to see this, don’t worryyou haven’t missed anything (yet).

The purpose of this publication is to inform in order to inspire. Community spirit runs high where the CN&R is read. Neighbors support neighbors. The Shop Local movement is an extension of that spirit, something the News & Review wants to encourage.

Each month, we’ll spotlight a different segment of the local economy, and change the title of our tab accordingly. This one is Shop Local, after the aforementioned movement; next, Stay Local, about summer vacation options in our beautiful backyard; then, Eat Local, about locally raised foods, followed by Dine Local—and so on.

Notice the formula: verb plus Local. A call to action. Informing to inspire. We hope that by pointing out products and services from community-oriented businesses that support will follow. Dollars that circulate locally have a multiplier effect, not to mention the good that comes from keeping sales-tax revenues in our hometowns (parks, police, patches for potholes, plus a whole lot of other things that don’t start with P).

Do we have a stake in this? Of course: We’re a local business, Chico Community Publishing, and our support—readership, distribution points, advertising—comes from the communities we serve. This publication just makes sense for us.

Along with the cover story and monthly Editor’s Note, the tab will include a commentary from a community member, a calendar of major happenings and business-related events, a spotlight of a local businessperson and a tip on doing business sustainably. On the drawing board: a news-and-notables column.

You can get in touch with us or learn more through our Web portal: www.newsreview.com/chico/business

Thanks for picking up the issue, which we hope will become a happy habit.