Chuck Averill

Photo By zong yang

As owner of the Dog House, Chuck Averill has a lot to be proud of. Not only does he give the community a place to eat when the hot-dog craving stirs, but Averill also has a lot in store for Chico as he sets up his successful business in another part of town. The first Dog House started nine years ago on Nord and West Sacramento avenues, and another opened about a year ago on East Avenue. He now has a third set to open in mid-summer. Averill’s business was chosen out of the handful that applied for the opportunity to use a space at One-Mile Recreation Area in Lower Bidwell Park.

Where is the new business going to be?

It’s a permanent location right next to the pool. It used to be a concession stand many, many years ago. They haven’t had any concessions there for a number of years. It’s a new thing for the city to do it again. We’ve had hundreds of people coming in to the East Avenue store and congratulating us. They’re very excited to see us coming out to One-Mile.

Given that Scooter’s Italian Ices initially asked the city for the new location, how do you feel about your business being chosen?

I don’t really have any feelings about it. Of course, we are very excited to win the contract and we’re very enthusiastic about it. All the employees are very excited about it, but it was what you would call a good affirmation for us. In terms of Scooter’s losing out, I met the owner of Scooter’s. He is a very nice guy. He’s been to the Dog House before, and I just wish him well in his future plans. But it was a competition, and we won.

What kind of foods and services will be provided at the new location?

We are very community-oriented, so we see it as the opportunity of One-Mile to carry important responsibilities to run a clean, well-managed concession stand that offers a variety of foods that are served in a cost-effective way and well-managed way. We believe we are really a perfect fit for One-Mile. The hot dogs are a great thing for the park, fresh-squeezed lemonade and ice cream bars and some healthier items.

How do you feel about being a business in the park?

We’re really hoping to be a positive addition to One-Mile. Our concern is anyone else’s concern, in that having a new business in the park will change the way that the park feels. We believe by developing a classic, low-tech concession stand, we’ll serve as a good addition to the community and to the park, so that the kids and the families can go visit the park and count on some additional services there.