Older consumers equal green consumers

A new survey reveals young folks aren’t as dedicated when it comes to buying habits

Retailers targeting young folks as consumers of eco-friendly goods have got their work cut for them. Despite an environmental movement that appears driven largely by youth, a recent survey indicates Americans over age 55 are the largest purchasers of green products.

Both men and women in this age bracket reported above-average use of eco-friendly home goods. Women ages 55-59 are the greenest consumers; they are twice as likely as the average consumer to buy eco-conscious products. The next greenest demographic is men ages 65-69, who reportedly are 1.7 times more likely than the average consumer to go green.

In fact, the demographic least likely to use green goods includes women and men ages 25-34.

More than 6,000 people participated in the survey, which was released earlier this month by ICOM Information & Communications. Here’s some additional data gathered by the marketing researcher:

• Percentage of respondents using some type of enviro-friendly product: 61 percent

• Asked why, 33 percent of respondents reported a self-gratifying feeling.

• Of those who didn’t use green products, 50 percent indicated high prices as the main factor; another 17 percent reported not believing eco-products are much better for the environment.

source: www.i-com.com